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Hydraulic ram pumps use the water hammer effect to take a larger flow of low pressure water and convert it to a smaller flow with higher pressure, in order to accomplish this the water source must be flowing or at least be able to flow for example hydraulic ram pumps are not compatible for use in a water well because the water is stationary.

Suitable locations for a ram pump

In almost every other situation a hydraulic ram pump will function, streams, rivers, and even lakes if located near a hill top or valley are well suited for ram pump use. The idea is to funnel the flow of water through the water pump, the faster the flow and the higher the source the Farther and higher your ram pump will be able to move water. Generally four feet of fall is the bare minimum to operate a hydraulic ram pump. It is not uncommon to see a water ram pump lift to heigths of over one hundred feet and several hundred yards distance from a twenty foot fall.