In this photo you can see in detail where each part relates to each other, for a larger view simply click on the picture. the pvc pressure pipe is threaded onto the 1″ x 2″ Pipe nipple located at the top of the picture.


Assembly prep

  1. Cover all male threads on fittings with teflon tape or other pipe sealant, teflon tape allows for a cleaner assembly and is the prefered method however other sealants can be used as long as they are potable safe.
  2. Prepare your pvc by applying primer to all surfaces to be glued and allow to dry thoroughly.

Assemble the pressure pipe                                                                          

  1. Apply glue to the pvc bushing and insert it into 2″ pvc coupler.
  2. Apply glue to the other end of the pvc coupler and slide onto your 30″ piece of 2″ pvc pipe.
  3. Cut your closed cell foam to a length of 15″ and split down one side, aproximately 1″ away from your previous split make another split down the entire side removing a 1″ x 15″ section this should allow the foam to be compressed and slipped into the open end of your pvc pipe, if not remove another sliver until it does.
  4. Insert your closed cell foam (water weenie) until it is flush with the top of your pvc pipe.
  5. Apply glue to your 2″ cap and slip onto the top of your pvc pipe and allow to dry, your pressure pipe is now complete.


Tools Needed

  • A pair of pipe wrenches or a pipe wrench and bench vice.
  • A Crescent wrench (adjustable).
  • A box knife or razor blade.

Fittings assembly

Note: if these pipe fittings assembly instructions seem confusing or overwhelming just refer to the diagram at the top of this page for a much simpler self explanatory picture.

To assemble the body of you ram pump start by threading one 1″ x 4″ pipe nipple into one end of a 1″ “Tee” make sure to thread your pipe into the through end of the “Tee” not the 90 degree side, Next thread in another 1″ x 4″ pipe nipple to the opposite end of the “Tee” directly across from the first pipe nipple, now thread on your street “L” and tighten so that the street “L” points its male end in the same direction as the open side of the 1″ “Tee”. On the male end of the street “L” thread on one 1″ brass swing check valve, be sure to thread on the check valve so that the flow direction faces toward the street “L”. Next we move back to the open end of the 1″ “Tee” and thread in a 1″ close nipple followed by the last 1″ brass swing check valve, this time you want to install the valve with the flow in the oposite direction as your first check valve ( flow points away from the “Tee” ) now thread in another 1″ close nipple and on top of this nipple attaches your last 1″ “Tee” in the same manner as your first “Tee” into one end (not the side) Out of the opposing end of the “Tee” install a 1″ x 2″ pipe nipple, this nipple is where your pvc pressure pipe threads on. Again we move back to the open side of the last “Tee” installed and thread in the 1″ x 1/2″ bushing followed by a 1/2″ x 3″ pipe nipple ( this is where your optional pressure gauge would be installed) and finally thread on your 1/2″ exterior faucet, this is your water exit and using a faucet makes for an easy hose connection. Thread on your pvc pressure vessel to the open 1″ x 2″ pipe nipple on the top of your hydraulic ram pump, your pump is now complete. The very first 1″ x 4″ nipple that was installed is the water inlet for your newly constructed hydraulic ram pump, an optional 1″ union and ball valve assembly can be attached here for easier future pump removal/maintenance and adding a ball valve upstream of the union allows for an easy way to stop the flow of your water source. The final optional pieces to add are the barringer clamps (soft clamps) they install one each onto each of the 1″ x 4″ pipe nipples to provide a convenient weldable/boltable secure mounting platform.